DCCC Money Now in NM-CD2 for Richardson’s Guy HarryTeague…Where Were They When the Progressive Ran Last Time?? (The One Who Got 40% of the Vote, Then Was Shoved out of the Dem Primary the Race in 2008?)

Here we are in New Mexico CD-2 where money hasn’t been forthcoming to help a Democratic Congressional candidate for as long as I’ve been here. You see, you have to raise a lot of money BEFORE the DCCC will give you MORE money. A candidate who merely wins the primary on sheer guts and grassroots support isn’t rewarded…and you wonder WHY the Democrats keep morphing into “just get along” candidates who don’t make waves once they get to Washington?

Last time around, Al Kissling, a true progressive, ran an upstart campaign with little money and got nearly 40% of the vote against then-incumbent Steve Pearce. (See “Al Kissling’s Moral Victory” to see how he was so dramatically outspent.) As I reported earlier, Kissling wasn’t even given a fair chance by the Democratic poohbahs to make his case to get on the primary ballot this time. See my earlier post on this subject to see how Kissling was cut out of the process by Richardson et al.

And now, suddenly, money appears to support oil guy Teague, who buddies with Republicans…including GOP Senate candidate Steve Pearce. Teague poured in big bucks from his own pocket, yet only narrowly defeated Bill McCamley who made news by donating $47.50 to his own campaign and was outspent. Bill McCamley was no prize either, but at least he wasn’t in the pocket of big oil.

Joe Monohan reports how Teague has become a recipient of the DCCC’s largesse:


First it was ABQ Dem congressional nominee Martin Heinrich getting a boost from the national party, now it’s southern Dem congressional hopeful Harry Teague:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced the addition of Harry Teague to its “Red to Blue” program. The Red to Blue program supports top Democratic campaigns and offers financial, communications, and strategic support…In 2006, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns. Candidates earn a spot in the competitive program by surpassing demanding fundraising goals

The Cook political Report in D.C. now ranks the southern CD race as “lean Republican” instead of “likely Republican.” Teague faces GOP restaurant owner Ed Tinsley.

To find out why I’m not jumping for joy about all this, check out this earlier post on Teague’s Republican ties.

“Harry T. and the Chamber of Secrets” co-starring Oil and Republicans–Screenplay by Bill Richardson [Subtitle: The Behind-the-Scenes Adventures of Bill R., Harry Teague and the NM CD-02 Democratic Primary]

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  1. Welcome to New Mexico. This is one of the states where the Democrats are more corrupt and dirty-dealing than the Republicans, in my opinion. One thing for newcomers to learn is the system of patronismo.

    How is does the green chile crop look for this year?

  2. This is the same thing that happened in IL-06. In 2004, Christine Cegelis received over 44% of the vote against the incumbent Henry Hyde with zero help from the DCCC. During the next cycle, the DCCC, Emanuel, Durbin, and Obama all jumped in to get Cegelis, who spoke about the need to reform our trade agreements, knocked out of the primary and replaced with Duckworth.

    While not a horrible candidate, she was decidedly more centrist – at least, whenever she actually outlined what she would do. Like Obama (especially true at the beginning of his campaign), she mostly used buzz words and spoke in general terms. The DCCC supposedly spent $3.5-$4 million trying to get her elected. All that money was wasted in one district while other candidates received no help.

    This year we had Jill Morgenthaler shoved down our throats. She served as the Army’s media contact during the Abu Ghraib scandal which, according to her Iraq blog, “stayed a story ad infinitum/ad nausea”. Jill has quite an opinion about the people in Abu Ghraib: “As people get upset about Abu Ghraib, one thing that should never be forgotten: these are men who have murdered Americans and would continue to murder Americans if given the opportunity. ” Apparently, she doesn’t believe in that quaint thing about being innocent until being proven guilty.


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