From: UnheardAmericanVoices–Negative Messages Intentionally Placed in Clinton TV Ads?? Who Inside Her Campaign Sabotaged Her? A Disturbing MUST READ/SEE

A few days ago over at Unheard American Voices, a big piece of research went up entitled “WHO PUT THIS HUGE KNIFE IN HILLARY’S BACK?“. Written by Karen Hill, the piece walks the reader through a close look at competing Obama-Clinton ads. What Hill finds is fascinating…and disturbing.

The piece begins:

Everyone is aware of the value of media and advertising. Everyone has heard the term, “product placement” and rumors have existed for years that companies paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for just the right product placement in a movie.

Politicians are no different, advertising means the world to them, it means the difference between the voters hearing their message and absorbing it or the voters ignoring their message. To a politician media and advertising are priceless. Which brings us to our first unpleasant dilemma.

Someone, I do not know who, campaigned against Hillary Clintonfrom the inside and used all of America to do it. The worst part is that it seems to have worked. I doubt this is the only example that is out there but it is a starkly glaring example.

I have spent hours upon hours going over videos in the last 2 weeks and I have talked to experts all over the country. This is the first part of a two part piece I have been working on, the second part is far far more frightening than this. *I must say thank you to PA for her invaluable assistance with a hint that sent me in the right direction for the 2nd part of this piece.

I will state plainly and simply Hillary Clinton was blatantly sabotaged from inside her campaign I can discern no other logical conclusion.

Hill then presents a series of videos, with instructions on where to start and stop viewing. THE CONCLUSION?


I urge readers to check out this research. It is PART I of a two-part series. Part II is in the works. According to the blogger, “The second part is all about Barack Obama and the biggest hoodwink American has ever seen.

The “hoodwink” link brings you to diary at MYDD which was posted by Seymour Glass way back on January 28. Glass, a black blogger, details how Obama was quoting Malcolm X during his SC speeches and there other links in his post which expand on how a Spike Lee movie is involved, as well as how John Lewis reacted to the distortion of Hillary Clinton’s words in a PBS interview, which was never widely reported :

“I think there has been a deliberate and systematic attempt by some people in the Obama campaign to really fan the flames about race and to really distort what Senator Clinton said. I understood and I think most right thinking people understood what she said.

“President and Senator Clinton have a record, a history, a very long history of bringing people together. No right thinking American would ever think that Senator or President Clinton would ever do anything that would use the race card”

“I must tell you…I’m trying to set the record straight…the Obama camp is doing something else, theyr’e sending out memos to the media trying to suggest that the Clintons are playing the race card.”

-Rep. John Lewis on News Hour 1/14

We all know what happened to Rep. Lewis later…he was sat on and switched his allegiance from Clinton to Obama.

In my recent post discussing the fundraising letter duo I received from Obama and Rev. Lowery, I questioned how a colleague of King’s could now accept Obama. John Lewis knew what was going on and was most likely threatened with a challenger if he didn’t support Obama, because that technique of intimidation has been reported. In my opinion Rev. Lowery, for whatever reason, has decided to give Obama cover for his “other” minister. To participate in the “hoodwinking” is a sad thing indeed for a man who was so close to Martin Luther King when he was alive.

I’m eager to read PART II of the research being done by Karen Hill. It’s hard to believe it will be more disturbing than what we already know, but at this point, maybe the sheer number of manipulations by the Obama camp really WILL knock us over.

I’m also digging into more of the religious contacts Obama has made.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Karen Hill’s work is a hugely important . Thank you for posting her site

  2. I read somewhere on one of the pro Hillary websites that there may have been a questionable connection with Patty Solis (Clinton former campaign manager) and her brother who works in Chicago and has connections with Daley and Chicago politics. I think that Patty also came from Chicago originally.She was in charge of finances and the discussion also focussed on the lack of funds around Super Tuesday. I am a Canadian supporter of Hillary Clinton and I hope that investigations and questions continue to be asked. Thank you for all your efforts on her behalf!

  3. Patti Solis with Axlerod! The Chicago Machine

  4. After what I seen throughout this primary season, I’m
    not surprised. I welcome the work that you are
    doing to throw more light on what for many will come
    to be known as the “dark days of demise” of the Demo-
    cratic party. At some point, the truth must overwhelm
    the “myth and lies” that have been allowed to take
    root and perpetuated in the public’s consciousness by
    the Obama campaign and the MSM.
    I see in the future, at least one two best-selling book’s
    exposing this election fraud. The DNC, the rules etc.,
    the Chicago hyjack and Howard’s Plan in action with
    Donna bringing up the rear, on CNN.
    Hillary deserved better, she’s given us her ALL.!
    She may not have secured the nomination…yet but,
    she is a WINNER!

  5. More proof that Obama is a con. Every accomplishment of his is because he fixed the system in some way.

  6. I can believe that anyone in the Obama camp would do anything to get him nominated.. The obamabots are still calling us hateful old women and racists on other blogs U’ve been on. They just don’t get it. If Hilary would have lost because she didn’t earn enough votes, we wouldn’t feel cheated. But because of the dnc annointing him and openly we knew what was going on. My husband and I have changed to the independent party and are voting for Mc cain.

  7. Watching the Democrats cave on Fisa and the Obama endorsement of the Bush enabler from Savannah, Ga. against a truly progressive democratic candidate, not to mention the recent links of some democrats to Countrywide Mortgage is all too much to bear. I’ve lost all confidence in the so-called Progressive Movement. Power is a strange thing. The convention has not happened yet……..

  8. The ad aired in April and May, but Patti Solis Doyle departed in February. There had to be others involved as well. The criminal element in the bo camp is unbelievable.

  9. Just the fact that she had relatives close to the demon tells me she should never had been trusted.
    She”s a bitch much more can I say

  10. did anyone ever wonder why the clinton campaign did so much better after Solis Doyle was replaced?

  11. If you run the “3 a.m.” video backwards, you will hear the narrator say, “There was no sniper fire in Bosnia.”

    Mrs. Clinton was done wrong! Vote for McCain! He may be the antithesis of everything Mrs. Clinton stands for, but revenge is always more important than idealism!

  12. Regarding Rep. Lewis, he DID get a challenger in the primary – and he officially switched to Obama a week after it happened. The challenger was a 30 year old former civil rights activist running on a platform of “Your Support Hillary.”


    John Lewis steps into fray, seeks to fend off challengers
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 05/12/08

    For the first time since 1992, Lewis faces, not one, but two challengers from within his own party. Lewis hasn’t faced an election opponent since 2000, when he crushed GOP challenger Hank Schwab.

    One of Lewis’s July Democratic primary challengers is a 31-year-old Atlanta minister and community activist, the Rev. Markel Hutchins. The other is longtime state Rep. “Able” Mable Thomas (D-Atlanta), 50.

    Both challengers say Lewis, 68, is an aging civil rights-era veteran who has grown out of touch with his Atlanta constituents. Lewis, at least publicly, appears eager for the fight….

    But their candidacies alone may suggest there at least a crack in his iconic stature. Hutchins and Thomas point to Lewis’s presidential endorsement reversal as a main reason.

    Last October, Lewis endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

    “I have looked at all the candidates, and I believe that Hillary Clinton is the best prepared to lead this country at a time when we are in desperate need of strong leadership,” Lewis said at the time.

    Georgia voters, including 5th district voters, did not agree. They overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama for president on the state’s Feb. 5 presidential primary.

    Ten days after the primary, the New York Times reported that Lewis was switching to Obama. The same day, an aide to the congressman called the story “inaccurate,” but wouldn’t cite the specific error.

    For nearly two weeks, Lewis refused to say who he was endorsing for president. On Feb. 28, he threw his support to Obama.

    Bob Holmes, a fellow Democrat and a retiring Georgia lawmaker from Atlanta, says the Obama-Clinton endorsement flap hurt Lewis, but not nearly enough to imperil his re-election chances.

    “What’s their secondary issue?” asked Holmes of Hutchins and Thomas. “If it [the endorsement controversy] doesn’t take hold with voters, what are they going to take him on for?”

    Holmes predicted that Lewis would win the July 15 Democratic primary without a runoff.

    “I’ll say he [Lewis] gets 60 plus percent of the vote,” said Holmes.


  14. After reading Karen Hill’s 2-part article I am confused about her understanding of the Obama/Clinton ads. She presents the ads as if the Obama ad was a response to the Clinton ad, when it seems to me to be the opposite. I do not know the actual timeline of the creation of these two ads, but that is my judgement. It seems to me that the Clinton reponse ad used bits of the actual Obama ad video to illustrate the nature of Obama’s attacks. What Karen presents as somehow similar beyond coincidence seems to me to be “quoted” (not sure of the term to use) pieces of video used knowingly by Hillary’s campaign.

    Using your competitors name in your advertising is not unheard of, despite what these unnamed experts are saying. (I think there is an ad for Quiznos airing now that uses Subway’s name and maybe even logo.) It seems to me that the Clinton ad was making a confident comparison rather than a accidental or inept mistake. The ad still ends with Hillary’s approval message, which unless you’re suggesting someone ran the ad without her approval, seems to put the burden on her.

    The part of Karen’s story about the troopergate article below the headline was more interesting, but still not convincing as to a deliberately mismanaged ad campaign. Maybe the Clinton campaign was trying to show the Obama attack as related to past attacks on her husbands behavior, trying to get at least some sympathy from her supporters when her pollsters showed her postition on the gas tax issue was not as well received as she had hoped.

    I am still waiting for your response about what your specific security issues are regarding Obama’s relationship with Odinga.

    Thank you for your time,

    Jesse Katrencik

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