Just a Quick Thought on the Media and McCain…

Yesterday I happened to catch a quick look at a woman who works for The Hill. She was saying that McCain wasn’t getting any media attention which is why he spoke about offshore drilling. It was just a desperate attempt to get some media coverage.

I don’t know whether this is true or not since I tend to avoid listening to what the MSM crowd says.

However, if this wave of Obama stuff is really cutting out coverage of McCain…is this just a continuation of how they cut out Edwards, then Clinton??

Just asking…

What do YOU think??



8 Responses

  1. It’s disgusting- All Obama all the time. I know all I need to know about that fraud and no amount of media lies will change my mind.
    Have you noticed the media attempts to rehab Michelle? They are trying to make her all nicey nicey housewifey, non threatening. PUHLEAZE!
    Do they think we will get amnesia and forget she is not proud of her country? That she thinks America is ‘mean?’
    Nope- NoDeal!

  2. Yep, BO is the media pet, and I am rather proud I said it months ago. He has been in full view as the quintessential corporate puppet whom the corporate media will be highly paid to love. GE’s Welch will have to quickly come up with a cloned Russert to spread the BO gospel from on high. The other outlets already have their propagandi$t$ firmly in place. When all else fails, I will sit back and enjoy the spectacle of BO love in full bloom. If their Bush coverage is any precedent, it will take at least seven years for them to (mildly) question whether their chosen one left a little something to be desired in an effective leader.

  3. I’m no McCain fan but I remember when the media counted him out and said he was done. It was all too apparent that the RNC wanted Romney and while the media was tepid at best they didn’t pile on him. While no one was paying much attention McCain just kept winning elections and is now their Presumptive nominee. Note: the RNC didn’t want McCain but had the common decency to allow the voters to have their say. I never thought I’d live to see the day when Republicans ran a more honest and inclusive election than Democrats.

    McCain may not be my cup of tea, but he won his spot fair and square. And for that, at least that, I have respect for him and for his party. My own? Not so much. And I’ll be voting Green unless it looks as if my state of WI is gonna go for the Obama and then I’ll vote McCain.

  4. Hola kenoshaMarge,

    How is the lake? Hope you’ve given yourself the chance to just sit and listen to the waves lapping against the shore.

    Curious about WI. Did the UW-Madison area go whole-hog for Obama? My guess would be that a fair amount wanted HRC. Wasn’t the Rep. Tammy Baldwin for HRC. That she’s very popular is my understanding. Smaller towns divided, some very republican, some very working-class dem. Milwaukee divided again, but this time working-class dem for HRC and AA plus “other” for Obama. I don’t know the western and northern parts–I’ve only have worked in the Lake Winnebago, Kenosha, and Milwaukee suburb areas. I have to admit though, that I was shocked at how the primary was so lopsided for Obama. I really thought that HRC would be close or pull an upset. All those salt-of-the-earth folk and all. Maybe it is just because my friends there are salt-of-the-earth types and I have a skewed picture. Your two cents? BTW, I enjoy your picturesque expressions when I read them, particularly at riverdaughter’s place.

  5. NOTE: I lived in Milwaukee for a year back around 1981! Juneau Village, with a view of Lake MI…

  6. Morning ea,

    I believe that there were many Republicans who voted for Obama just to put a knife in Senator Clinton’s back. They bragged about it on conservative radio and in the comments of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    At that time I was still under the assumption that it was all about Republican hate for all things Clinton. Now I know that many on the left hate the Clinton’s just as mindlessly as the Republicans.

    Wisconsin will be very close IMO. Kerry barely pulled it off and IMHO Obama will not be able to do it. Kerry didn’t split the party. Obama did. We’ll see if I know what the hell I’m talking about come November.

  7. Oh and ea,

    I love walking along the lake and standing on the bridge and looking out past the lighthouse. The lake has a million faces and is never boring.

    This spring has been warm and wet. Not wet enough to cause too many problems in my area but warm and wet enough that my tomatoes are doing great as is my herb garden, peppers, and roses.

  8. Except for FOX News, the TV coverage is all about Obama with virtually no McCain. I wondered after the DNC’s Day of Infamy whether the MSM would screw McCain as they did Clinton, couldn’t believe they’d dare, and am now seeing that it’s happening again. And the same fixers who ordered and paid for the Media crucifixion of Hillary Clinton have rigged the Cut -McCain-Dead conspiracy . Yes, I said conspiracy. And, no, I’m not a conspiracy-theory screwball. I’m a retired school teacher, for God’s sake.

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