Upcoming McCain Event Will Test Appeal to Indies, Conservative Democrats and GOP Base’s Enthusiasm

John McCain will be back in NM for a private fundraising event next month.

Joe Monohan reports in his June 12 blog post that:

GOP warhorse Ken Zangara is back in the saddle and preparing to host a July 14th ABQ fundraiser for the man he hopes will be the next President. The well-known ABQ auto dealer, who has raised big dollars for Bush, has started shaking the money tree for soon-to-be GOP presidential nominee John McCain. Zangara has been named McCain’s state finance chair and we’ve confirmed that his first big money raising effort will be a McCain fundraiser at Zangara’s ABQ NE Heights home. The invitation lists several suggested giving levels:

Event Co-Chairman: Raise/Contribute $25,000; Name listed on invitation; Private Dinner with Senator McCain; Photo opportunity with Senator McCain; 2 tickets to general reception

Event Host: Raise $10,000 / or Contribute $4,600 per couple; Name listed on invitation; Photo opportunity for 2 with Senator McCain; 2 tickets to general reception

Individual Ticket: Contribute $1,000; one ticket to the General Reception


With the economy shaky and the demand for campaign contributions high because of all the open congressional seats, Zangara will have his job cut out for him raising money for McCain. The July 14th fundraiser may offer the first clues on how enthusiastic the GOP base is for McCain who also banks on his appeal to independents and conservative Dems.

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