Al Gore Can Stuff It…(Obama Endorsement)

So, he’s going to endorse he endorsed Obama! Mr. Exelon, himself! (Obama’s 4th largest contributor with $269,000 lavished on him.) See Nuclear Leaks, Response Tested Obama in Senate, NY Times, Feb. 2, 2008.


That’s all I have to say…and after all those great speeches on the state of our democracy!


I should have known it when you sent me that fundraising letter on behalf of the DSCC..[see my June 3 post on this entitled Al Gore Resurfaces for the DSCC…(Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)].

To paraphrase Michelle Obama–“How can you be expected to save the planet when you can’t even maintain your own reputation?”

Staying out of this mess may have helped…

11 Responses

  1. Stuff this fool…Obama is going to be President and the greed and fear factor of the ultra rights voice is going to be a non audiable sound!!!!!

  2. Guess that coal to oil crap and nuclear power stuff doesn’t bother Al so much after all. Cause loyalty to party trumps everything. And being an environmentalist comes second to being a politician and a Democrat.

    Sadly another Democratic icon with feet of clay.

  3. Never say die…

    Convention demands

    Hi kenoshaMarge

    Gloria, did Udall actually endorse Obama?

  4. Sorry about the above link. Should be

  5. GRL,

    There is no comment window for the McCain fundraiser post.

  6. It’s a done deal. OBAMA LOSES! We all know the Gore Presidential endorsement is the kiss of death.. Just ask John Kerry or Howard Dean!!!

    Shucks, I was beginning to enjoy watching the bots get riled!

  7. Very important>arabi message translated please

  8. Note: Re Udall…I haven’t heard anything about Udall formally endorsing Obama.
    I have received a flyer (yesterday) that echoes the standard Democratic message, though

    Re: McCain comments…thanks for the heads up..I forgot to tick the box!

  9. Here’s my new video for joining Just Say No Deal. It summarizes in Obama’s words many of the reasons why we cannot vote for Obama.

    NO DEAL: Join The Coalition of Millions

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    If you post it on your site, PLEASE ask your readers to: RATE the video, post a COMMENT & mark it as a FAVORITE on YouTube, these actions will help further promote the video and perhaps reach a larger audience.

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  10. Gore can stuff it and so can all the other Democrats scurrying to get on the Obama band wagon.

    It may come as a surprise to their ginormous egos but many voters don’t give a rat’s patootie who they endorse.

    Some voters, gasp, actually think for themselves and vote their conscience, unlike politicians that just vote their party. Could be that their conscience, after being politicians for all these years are too atrophied to be of any use? Or perhaps politicians come equipped with only vestigial consciences.

    Morning ea, it’s a bright sunny morning here in Wisconsin. How’s by you?

  11. Gore was always a front for corporations. I mean what did the movie and his talks “do” besides promote him? It woke people up some what , but then nothing.
    It was meant to appear as if something would be done. Now it’s no longer the hot movie and …..nothing

    The whole Dem party elite are poor copies of the GOP. if that’s what people want , why not go to the original? The working class have no one whose interested in them , but the Clintons. That’s why they are hated by the elite of both parties

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