So, She Didn’t Release Her Delegates and Obama Played Golf…and CNN Has Apparently SCRUBBED the Report that He Left His Home Carrying Golf Clubs and Was so Hurried in Posting a Substitute Line that They Posted it TWICE (Saying He Watched on the Internet)…BIG UPDATE #1

So Obama didn’t watch Hillary’s speech, but was off playing golf, according to a post at the Taylor Marsh site…the FINAL INSULT??? What a TOTAL ASSHOLE this guy is! Without handlers, he has a political tin ear…oh, but he has the media hiding that fact for him…

I searched for the story to confirm the post and found this on the Scroogle results, which I’ve saved along with the substitute story:

2. CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Barack Obama

“June 7, 2008. Obama reacts to Clinton speech. Posted: 02:43 PM ET … He was seen shortly before the speech leaving his home in Chicago with golf clubs. …”

But when I went to the story posted at 2:43 ET, I found this line, but no mention of golf….In fact, they were so hurried in their editing that they apparently put a new line in TWICE:

Obama watched Clinton’s speech over the Internet on a computer, a campaign aide said. He put in a call to Clinton afterward, but was told by a Clinton assistant that she was speaking with supporters.

In the final minutes of the speech, a top Obama strategist was pleased with the message, saying there was “no ambiguity” about her support for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The strategist characterized the speech as “very generous” and said that he “appreciates it’s hard.”

Obama watched the speech over the Internet, a campaign aide said. He put in a call to Clinton afterward but was told by a Clinton assistant that she was speaking with supporters.

If this is the same story, then there’s been a scrubbing…

And…so, she didn’t release her delegates? …(I’ll keep researching this to confirm…) How much of that speech was political necessity versus a step aside to see if Obama implodes?

I’m praying for the latter…


I went back to Scroogle Search and saw that the “golf” line was now down to number 5…but instead of “2:43” pm it reads “1:53” PM ET…when I clicked through to the post for 1:53, I found a posting that made no mention of golf or watching on the internet…

5. CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time – Blogs from

    “June 7, 2008. Obama camp reacts to Clinton speech. Posted: 01:53 PM ET … was seen shortly before the speech leaving his home in Chicago with golf clubs. …”

The post (complete with the “garbage” in the post):

Posted: 01:53 PM ET

WASHINGTON (CNN) – In concert with her speech Saturday, the banner image across Hillary Clinton’s Web site flipped to “Support Sen. Obama today.”

The site – which has been a central part of Clinton’s fund-raising efforts and a signature part of her speeches – now asks supporters get behind Sen. Barack Obama and “together we can write the next chapter in America’s story.” The box alongside the email sign-up, however, still solicits contributions to her campaign.

Clinton has suspended her presidential campaign. By suspending instead of dropping out, she technically remains a candidate, entitled to keep statewide pledged delegates and district-level delegates.

A video message on the site, posted four days ago, thanks her supporters, telling them: “I could not have made this part of the journey without you,” but makes no mention of the presidential nominee.

Update: Sen. Obama has returned the favor online.  The Obama campaign’s Web site has been altered to allow visitors to leave messages of thanks for Sen. Clinton.  Click here to see this new feature on the Obama site.

What’s up with that??

9 Responses

  1. Clueless, absolutely clueless. And he is ready to lead
    the country? Sounding more and more like GWB.
    Remember when GWB was talking to the press, and then asked if they saw his golf shot. And the DNC wonders why Senator Obama cannot connect with the working class.

  2. Obama is such a rude asshole.

  3. To go out for golf when Sen. Clinton was speaking–
    Now I don’t care if he watched her, though he needs to, but he could have stayed in and pretended! The man has no class. No class at all.

  4. I take this as a lesson, it confirms several things we knew about Obama. He’s a rookie, seasoned politicians don’t pull shit like that. He has a tin ear and is politically unable to connect. He has no intention of working with Hillary. We knew these things, he’s just dropping his guard and showing the real Obama.

    BTW, I received an email from Dean/DNC and Wes Clark asking me to get behind Obama. I expected as much from Dean but Wes?…I supported Wes big time in ’04 and this is how he thanks his supporters? I told him I was disappointed.

  5. He’s an arrogant, chip on his shoulder, petty and vengeful little man!

  6. Dig it, at 11 AM EDT, Obama campaign called my house and said “Now that he’s clinched the nomination, it is time for us to come together” and they wanted me to send them money. Sen. Clinton hadn’t even given her speech yet! I said “No, we’re not coming together. We’re staunch Hillary supporters in this house, and if it isn’t Hillary Clinton, then it is John McCain. Don’t call here again.”

  7. “Obama watched the speech over the Internet, a campaign aide said. He put in a call to Clinton afterward but was told by a Clinton assistant that she was speaking with supporters.”

    This is another example of how dumb both Barry and those covering Oh!Bambi for the national press are. A Clinton staffer supposedly gave the Precious some spiel about Hil talking to, “Supporters”, and couldn’t be BOTHERED talking to Him??? The ONE??? And everyone in the press pool, when he said this whopper, nodded understandingly and said to themselves, “Of course she wouldn’t talk to Him. She’s Old and bitter.” One lies and the other swears to it. That’s the textbook definition of Complicity, innit? Y’think Barry, (or OH!Bambi’s people even), could have come up with a better lie than, “I called on my cell and she hung up on me. Women! Right?”

    The more I see of how the people supposedly responsible and/or auditioning to be the responsible adult supervision, act these days the more I prefer my cats.

  8. you people are idiots, and contribute to why it takes so long for women to get into higher positions.

    she lost, period. this is why there was a race in the first place – to eventually have a winner.

    obama was not in attendance because he was not invited. nor would i imagine he would have wanted to be there, as this was obvioulsy supposed to be a moment between her and her millions of supporters, as well as a chance to reflect.

    so, after 16 months, the race finally ended on saturday. what is he supposed to do? stay home and pray? if the man wants to relax and play a little golf on his first free weekend in a long, long time, then let the man relax.

    hillary is taking off all next week, is she an asshole for not immediately campaigning for obama?


  9. Maybe he got tired, as l did, of waiting for her to announce the end of her campaign. Which she would have won if she had publicly denounced that idiot husband of hers as soon as she stepped into the senate. She could’ve even made a big deal about it, maybe a televised press conference saying she has no political relation with that man, Mr. Clinton. Just a suggestion, ma’am. Thank you for your time.

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