Radio Wars…UPDATED…”Bombshell” Coming

Radio Wars…or is that Radio Whores?

I got radio whiplash this morning from competing “auras”…

Usually I listen to the BBC World Service or Radio Australia when I get up, but the reception wasn’t as good as usual today. So, I skipped the radio until I had to go to the dentist.

My oldies station was going to the news as I took off. They carry “ABC Now,” one of the most uninformative, chatty, gossipy, waste of time “news” breaks I have ever encountered, and the first thing out of the dulcet-toned “newsreader” was:

Barack Obama woke up feeling good today. He’s (sic) in reach of gaining the Democratic presidential nominee. Primaries in South Dakota and Montana…

The “Barack Obama woke up feeling good today” is a DIRECT QUOTE. My first impulse was to ask, “What, did you call him up and ask him?” “Did he have a press conference and tell you how he was feeling?” My second questions was, “Isn’t someone else running against him today?” since there was no mention of Hillary Clinton.

After I was finished at the dentist I came home and my mother was listening to Rush Limbaugh. “The tape, they have the tape,” she informed me. I was surprised to actually hear Limbaugh say that he hadn’t seen it, but he spoke with great assurance, as has Larry Johnson over at No Quarter. My immediate reaction was that if Limbaugh is airing it all over the country, then there must be something to it. He gets Republican talking points for sure, so he must have a direct feed on this…

I then noticed the time. It was between 10:15-10:30 local, MST. A good time for the voters in Montana and the western part of South Dakota (and probably the rest of the state, too) to hear this as they drive to the polls this morning, and I’m sure, this afternoon as other talk show hosts, like Hannity, take up the next shift.

We’ll have to see how all this works out. Does the chirpy woman on ABC Now telling me “Barack Obama woke up feeling good today” get run over by Limbaugh and the tape??

Stay tuned…

UPDATED…John Fund (icky but connected) and Democrat Bob Beckel both saying a “bombshell” will be hitting tomorrow….NO QUARTER has the details/video…but their servers are going nuts…

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