Al Gore Resurfaces for the DSCC…(Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)

The other day I was contemplating doing a post wondering what Al Gore was thinking about the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting’s indefensible actions on May 31. My thoughts were that Gore must be reflecting on how his own party was disenfranchising voters, which probably be painful for him. I remembered his stirring speeches on the media and the Bush Administration’s trashing of the Constitution that he did in cooperation with MoveOn and felt he surely would disapprove just on an intellectual level as well.

Today I got a letter marked with “Vice President Al Gore” at the top left. Inside, with the same title on the letterhead, was a two-page missive detailing the horrors of the Bush Administration. There was also a little brochure:

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Radio Wars…UPDATED…”Bombshell” Coming

Radio Wars…or is that Radio Whores?

I got radio whiplash this morning from competing “auras”…

Usually I listen to the BBC World Service or Radio Australia when I get up, but the reception wasn’t as good as usual today. So, I skipped the radio until I had to go to the dentist.

My oldies station was going to the news as I took off. They carry “ABC Now,” one of the most uninformative, chatty, gossipy, waste of time “news” breaks I have ever encountered, and the first thing out of the dulcet-toned “newsreader” was:

Barack Obama woke up feeling good today. He’s (sic) in reach of gaining the Democratic presidential nominee. Primaries in South Dakota and Montana…

The “Barack Obama woke up feeling good today” is a DIRECT QUOTE. My first impulse was to ask, “What, did you call him up and ask him?” “Did he have a press conference and tell you how he was feeling?” My second questions was, “Isn’t someone else running against him today?” since there was no mention of Hillary Clinton.

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