Check out “American Pie” or: “Political Landscape for Dummies”

The name of the site may tick off some people and, for sure, takes no prisoners, which may tick some people off even more.

Today, Gregory Chang has created a series of graphics that even the most politically obtuse person can understand. (Please excuse the “squishing” of the pies due to my reducing their size.)

He takes two representations of the political American Pie and shows how bites are taken from total, vs a vs McCain vs. Obama and McCain vs. Clinton. The result is a clear illustration of Hillary Clinton’s case for being the nominee.

He writes:

I want to try to simplify the pro-Clinton argument to a few bare essentials. Imagine the American Political Pie. Sure, it boasts the Greens, Independents, Socialists, and assorted minor parties, but these don’t manage Electoral Votes- so leave them out of the imagining.

Like it or not, only Republicans and Democrats count in America’s General Election. The way things are shaping up in the Primaries-

with a Democratic Party evenly split, and a Republican Party exemplifying solid unity (at least 90%), Democrats must chose the candidate of greatest party solidarity, to prevent a Republican landslide. Visually, the 2008 Primary looks something like this:

primary pie

He the illustrates the results of the Obama-McCain matchup, followed by the results of a Clinton-McCain matchup. Go over and take a look and see how large the bites are representing voters leaving Obama for McCain and voters leaving McCain for Clinton.

I think the average reader will see things a lot more clearly thanks to these American Pies!

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