ALERT! Local Paper Actually Allows Vets to Say Something Not Fawning about Obama Visit!

…but offers enough other comments to offset their impact…a few Obama clone comments, anti-Clinton, pro-Clinton comments, too. (Of course, my comment would never be printed since I nailed the paper for complicity…)

Here we go!

I am insulted. Mr. Obama and Gov. Richardson both came here to pander votes. I am a veteran, Navy, 1963 to 1966. I wasn’t invited to the speechmaking. To hear that Richardson compared Obama to President John F. Kennedy is the ultimate insult. Neither of them served. For Richardson to make such a comparison insults President Kennedy, a Navy veteran.

(The) Sen. Obama … event was limited to veterans by invitation only. I am a veteran of World War II. I am also a registered Democrat. I am active in community affairs. Did I get an invitation? No! Guess who I am going to vote for. Nobody! None of the candidates is good enough to be my president and commander-in-chief. What a sorry state our political system is in.

One sat on the fence, not liking McCain, but not endorsing either Democrat:

As a U.S. Navy veteran of over four years of active duty, I would accept McCain if it wasn’t for his war policies. I do not like war at all, and I think most veterans, especially if they’ve been in combat, are against war and try to avoid it at any cost.

Another member of the public, not identified as being military, was in the “no Hillary, I vote for McCain camp:

I just want to make a comment about Obama coming to town. It don’t make any difference if he comes to town or where he goes, because if Hillary don’t get in I am not going to vote for Obama. I will vote for McCain and so will a lot of other people vote for McCain instead of Obama.

What’s media space without the standard Obama litany?

You people are unbelievable! Now you’re coming down on Obama because he is coming here! You’d be coming down on him if he wasn’t coming here! No one can win around here, and because of that, you’re all the biggest losers.

I am a 67-year-old white woman, and I voted for Barack Obama. And yes, he can make changes in the White House and give us affordable health insurance. I voted for the Clintons to get health insurance, but instead they got rich taking money from the lobbyists. And Richardson did not betray me; he knows what is best for this country.

The anti-Clinton crowd chimed in, hinting at the “character” issue that was pushed by the Kennedys:

Hillary Clinton has no right to compare herself even to a Kennedy for crying out loud. Her and her husband, the impeached president, are no comparison to that clan.

Finally, for the first time ever, I actually read something defending Hillary Clinton against the media. Hey, when a paper has devoted reams of column inches in praise of Obama, I guess they can now spare ONE column inch:

I have yet to see anyone really address this, and I’m going to try once again to make this important issue about Hillary Clinton and how she is being attacked for every little thing she says, and every comment is twisted in every way. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC and NBC, which seems to be the network for Barack Obama, came out with a special comment just dragging Hillary Clinton through the mud for a controversial remark she made about Robert Kennedy. I am sick and tired of these people that are getting away with the remarks they are making about Hillary and accusing her in the ugliest manner, and I think that we should take these people to task now. And MSNBC, I’ve just about had it with them — Tim Russert, Andrea Mitchell and Keith Olbermann, the overzealous, and Chris Matthews. They’re just overzealous.

And finally, there is the real peacemaker, who will vote for anybody:

I think this time we have three good candidates for the presidency, especially the two Democrats. If they had run not simultaneously, I think either one would have cleared by now of the two Democrats. So, whichever one comes out of the Democrats, I’ll vote for them, but I’ll accept McCain, too.


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  1. thank you, Gloria.

    I love coming here to read your posts. Your reporting of the NM Memorial Day w/Barry was wonderful.I wish there were 50 of you to cover all the states. (or 57, depending on who’s counting.)

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