UPDATE 3: Video of Memorial Day NM Obama Visit Up…Local Press TOTALLY & SHAMELESSLY COMPLICIT in Boosting Obama

Wow, I’m totally stunned by what’s going on in the local press. I knew the press would be complicit, since no one but they and the Obama supporters knew about the town hall rally.

I have never seen VIDEO of an entire political event put up for any candidate before. I’ve attend events for Kucinich, Edwards, Gore, Kerry and Clark in the recent past, but never have I seen such a push for a candidate.

Click here for all videos which show the entire event. (These are OFFICIAL “Las Cruces Sun-News” videos, too, not just links to video that someone posted on their own.) The banner on the page I chose is titled “Reaction to Sen. Barack Obama’s speech to veterans at Farm and Ranch” and the true believers are on tape and ready for a campaign ad. I’m not sure, but I guess that’s a flag pin on Obama’s suit today…

I am utterly disgusted by how this has been handled…the secrecy, cutting out the public, Richardson, and, of course, the total COMPLICITY of the press. On a day when we’re supposed to be “honoring those who have fought for our freedoms” we see a re-enactment of a BUSH-ROVE type of event, barring the public and a press corps that is not asking any questions. Hey, “progressive bloggers”–you now like a candidate who packages events like the old Soviet Union??

NOTE: I am all blogged out this weekend…so I may be off for a day or two as I catch up on things I need to do!! I also have to recover from hearing Richardson describe Obama’s IMPECCABLE CHARACTER and his being a man of PRINCIPLE and a “ONCE IN A GENERATION LEADER” who is a PATRIOT and who loves this country with ALL HIS HEART. He ends by speaking in Spanish, but works in JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY in plain English. Oh, please…

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  1. The El Paso Times Online Editor Jay Koester is an absolute flake. He is naive to the max, out-of-touch, and truly lives in a fantasy world of his own creation.

    Though perhaps, in this one aspect re Obama, he may have also joined in the fantasy world surrounding Obama. He certainly fits the mold.

    He emulates the typical Obama blogger, vapid, inane, and never allows facts to get in the way of his uninformed opinion.

    He recently did a blog regarding the CAD (Central Appraisal District), defending it against criticism. It is one of the most ill-conceived, mismanaged, statistically errored organizations one can imagine.

    His defense of it amounted to something like , “well you should be glad they raise your property values, even if your taxes increase. Don’t you want the value of your property to increase in case you wish to sell it? You should be happy that something you own is increasing in value.”

    Nevermind the fact that such evaluations are based on nothing but conjecture and been proven over and over again to be totally without statistical merit.

    This is merely one example of his childish contrarian
    attitude. He puts such on display regularly.

    It is no surprise whatsoever that he would be an Obama fawner. As I stated earlier, he fits the demographic and psychological mold.

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