Is Obama an “Honorable” Candidate?

A few nights ago over at Talk Left, Big Tent Democrat, who is an even-handed Obama supporter, made a passing comment to the effect that Obama had acted honorably wih regard to the delegate selection rules:

…when I criticize the delegate selection rules and the outcome of the pledged delegate process and the MI/FL fiasco I am in no way criticizing Barack Obama as he has done exactly what he was supposed to do. I tip my hat to him. He has behaved honorably throughout the process in that he is trying to win the nomination. My critique is of the process and the organization that organized the nomination process and made the disastrous and rule breaking decisions regarding FL/MI.

This comment resulted in an outpouring of comments disagreeing with this characterization of Obama’s actions.

Here are some examples:

Probably the best overall summaries:

Calling his principal opponent divisive and polarizing is not honorable. Trashing previous Democratic administrations is neither honorable nor wise politics. Trashing the occupation of another of his opponents is not honorable. Blatantly introducing the race card is not honorable. Refusing to allow re-votes to facilitate voter participation is not honorable. Flooding caucus sites with goon squads is not honorable. Smiling while his supporters boo his principle opponent is not honorable. Making rude gestures in reference to his principle opponent is not honorable. Boasting that he received more delegates than his opponent after his opponent had a higher popular turnout is not honorable. Refusing an unmoderated debate is not honorable. Removing his name from the ballot to taint a sure victory by his principle opponent is not honorable.Since the McGovern Commission rules changed the method of selecting nominees, Barrack Obama has run the filthiest, tackiest most dishonorable primary campaign of any Democrat in my memory.


It wouldn’t bother as much if he wasn’t running as the champion of the exact opposite of everything he says he is. Time after time after time, he’s said he’s running a clean campaign, a different sort of campaign, when anyone who has half a brain would see that he’s running the usual, Chicago-style dirty campaign. During the debates, when he talked about taking the high road, I just kept thinking, “Harry and Louise mailer, ‘she’s desperate to win’; ‘she’ll say and do anything to win’; etc.”It’s the same hypocritical attitude he takes about his vaunted three years of community service and time in the state senate, living in the shadows of Rezko’s slums. It’s the fact that every time he gets called out on something inconsistent, he blames a staff member, or he pushed the wrong button, or he voted “present” as a strategy even though he was not told to. It’s voting for a bad bill, then going on the record saying he didn’t mean to vote for it, knowing his vote still stands. It’s lying about passing a bill he did not pass. It’s lying outright about the whole NAFTA meetings thing while bashing Clinton for doing something he did (that she did not do). It’s trashing Bill Clinton’s legacy. It’s praising Reagan and Bush. It’s accusing the Clintons of racism. I dunno, I don’t find it honorable to be where you are only because you are standing on the bodies of all those folks you climbed over to get there.

On FL and MI

FL and MI? He has stonewalled at EVERY turn on that. How his people railroaded caucuses??

… Not only did Obama appear on Florida TV campaign ads and not just once ore twice, don’t you know? He also gave a press conference in Florida which is most def. against the rules of not compaigning – AFAIR he shrugged it oh so cutely off his shoulder at the time.

Use of racism

His using the race card…He distorted things that Clinton and her supporter’s said, turning honest racism-hating people into Clinton hater’s.

In order to get the nomination Did the Clinton campaign push Wright early? Or did they push Rezko hard early? Or did they anything like that at all? No. But what did the “honorable” Obama do? He showed the kind of candidate he is when he used racism as a wedge issue in order to get the black voters away from the Clintons. The Obama campaign turned Bill and Hillary Clinton into racists. There was nothing honorable about that. It was a disgrace And I will never forgive him for it…But that alone wasn’t enough for Obama in order to get the nom. He had to make sure the most popular Dem president we have had in decades “disappeared” from his line-up of admirable American presidents as well. And then he trashed Bill Clinton’s legacy. But good. Needless to say, I will never forgive him for that either. And thruout this probess Obama blocked revotes and as of now disenfranchise millions of voters. What is so honorable about that?

On his “different” sort of campaign:

The hypocrisy of trumpeting a “clean campaign,” a different campaign but all the while running the usual Chicago-style campaign.

(Post quoting a McCain adviser) Senior Adviser to McCain last week said about Obama’s campaigning: “We have all become familiar with Senator Obama’s new brand of politics. First, you demand civility from your opponent, then you attack him, distort his record and send out surrogates to question his integrity. It is called hypocrisy, and it is the oldest kind of politics there is.”

Touting his 3 years of community service and time in the IL Senate, while Rezko made money of his slums…

IMHO, one does not have to do dishonorable things directly to be dishonorable. To countenance such conduct in subordinates or turn a blind eye is even worse in my view, than when a person is honest enough to do their own dirty work.

The actions of his followers/his own disrespect:

And he has led many into also being dishonorable — many former friends as well as family who were who were huge fans of Bill Clinton but turned on a dime with the disgusting race-baiting of him by Obama’s campaign. I am shocked that so many people I loved and respected could be so disloyal in an instant.
…his flippant reference to the Bataan death march–comparing the long primary campaign (when was this? in March or April ?!!) was awful and that it shows an appalling lack of sensitivity and judgment when it comes to history. The Bataan death march was a wartime atrocity after all. (See my post on this subject, from where the Memorial March actually happens.)

(At a caucus) The women on the Hillary side were stunned and my poor mother, OMG, she will never go to a caucus again. She loves Hillary so I convinced her to go (despite her being quite ill) to the caucus for Hillary. The Obamabots were so rude to her. She is a senior and every a senior or woman brought up issues that concerned them the were treated with total disrespect.

Controlling outside groups’ money:

It’s not just 527s under discussion. Stoller points out that they’re encouraging non-funding of independent groups including VoteVets–a group focused on helping out vets as they are considered “inside the Beltway” and “Obama has created a number of significant infrastructure pieces through his campaign, displacing traditional groups the way he promised he would by signaling the end of the old politics of division and partisanship,” and therefore to be cut out of the process.

And my own additions:

Snubbing Hillary on the Senate floor.

His condescending comment at the debate when he said she was “likeable enough” as his body language indicated dismissal (head down, wouldn’t look at her.

Giving her the “street” finger and then doing his “brush off” act.

And this final comment, which really hits home:


And it’s the LYING that will get him in the end. A must read is The Truth VS. Barack Obama (Full Version)
which details the claims (lies), the evidence, counter claims, rebuttals and and the ultimate failure of those arguments. WITH SOURCES.

A few examples of the lies and false history–see the entire piece to understand the magnitude of what is going on:

CHARGE 1 – “The March on Selma got me born.”

CHARGE 2 – “My father was just a simple, impoverished goat herder.”

CHARGE 3 – “My father believed in the ‘power of the people’. I believe in the ‘power of the people’.”

CHARGE 11 – “I lived in Indonesia. I have more foreign experience than Senator Clinton or Senator McCain.”

CHARGE 12 – “My foreign travels and life experience better qualify me to address our nation’s closest Allies.”

CHARGE 15 – “I was an underprivileged youth.”

CHARGE 20 – Oops, “I ‘misvoted’ a couple times in the Illinois State House.”


THE FINAL VERDICT?? No honor here…However, arrogance, ambition, and sleight-of-hand, in great abundance.

6 Responses

  1. What else is new? Nothing under the Sun.

  2. And Clinton is, of course, the flawless sun goddess.

  3. You seem to have missed his most egregious act completely.

    By Obama Florida 2008 Published: April 24, 2007
    Tens of thousands of people in Florida are already supporting Barack Obama for president.
    But, you know what? You won’t be able to vote for him in the all-important Florida Primary next February unless you are a registered Democrat, or unless you re-register as a Democrat. See, Florida law mandates a “closed primary” for presidential primaries. Even if you’re an independent, these archaic laws will not let you vote in either major party primary.

    Put another way — you have been legally disenfranchised.

    That’s why “Democrat for a Day” was launched this spring by ObamaFlorida2008. Using the official forms provided by all Supervisors of Elections offices, you may re-register as a Democrat for that one day — when the primary is likely to be held — on February 5, 2008. You must do so before the end of 2007, to make sure it is done 30 days before the primary.

    But this is not about some “hard sell” to recruit voters to become permanent Democrats. Not at all. After the primary, you may re-register back to the
    Republican or Libertarian parties, or revert to your previous status as an Independent! There will be plenty of time before the general election in November 2008.

    ObamaFlorida2008 recognizes and respects all citizens who have varying points of view. We just want to make it make it possible to vote for Barack Obama in the primary — or for that matter — anyone you wish.

    Duval, Hillsbrough, Pinellas, Alachua, Leon, Volusia, Nassau, Clay, Okaloosa, Polk and St. Johns voters are already re-registering in the “Democrat for a Day” program.
    Within weeks, it will be expanded to all 67 counties in Florida. And, from the standpoint of the Obama campaign, it is a win-win situation! For example, how many Republicans do you think will re-register to vote for our respected opponent Hillary Clinton? That’s right … virtually no one.
    But we’re finding that up to 20 percent of Obama supporters are registered Republicans. In fact, during the first couple of weeks in April, some 150 Republicans indeed became “Democrats for a Day.” You might call them “Obamacrats!”
    And this is without any official launch of the program.
    The goal is 100,000 new voters for Obama in Florida by the end of 2007.

    For more information, contact your local Obama groups in the counties mentioned, and if you are in a different county, make sure they get it started!
    For more information, call ObamaFlorida2008 Director of Voter Registration Aaron Hoffman at 904 879 2904, or email him at
    In the Tampa-St. Pete area, contact Tom Squires of the Tampa Bay O-Train through the national Obama website (
    You may also call 904 379 5469.
    Get involved. Become an Obamacrat! Get your friends and other supporters to do so as well!
    And we’ll see you at the polls for the Florida Priimary on February 5, 2008!

    Here’s the note on the YouTube video, posted by “jax4obama”:
    (*Posters note* the video has since been made private and can be viewed by invite only)
    *Note* We are not trying to recruit for the democratic party. We just want to make sure that supporters of Obama are able to vote in the Florida Democratic Primary. We encourage returning to your former party after the Primary.

    Attention All Texas Republicans and Independents!!

    On March 4th, Texas Republicans and Independents will have an opportunity to end Hillary Clinton’s (and Bill’s) presidential ambitions once and for all!

    Since Texas has on open primary, Republicans and Independents should sign in at their polling place and request a Democratic ballot. They should then vote for Barack Obama. Even James Carville admits that if Hillary loses Texas, “she’s done!” Republicans can help make this a reality!!! Just think, no more Clintons in the White House!

    Voting Democratic this one time will have NO effect on your ability to vote in the next Republican primary or obviously on your vote in November. Since John McCain has the Republican nomination locked up, voting for McCain or Huckabee at this point will have no effect on the outcome on the Republican side.

    After you vote during early voting or on March 4th, you ARE NOT done! Report back to your regular polling place at 7PM on March 4th to sign the Barack Obama list for caucus delegates. In a little known Texas voting quirk, 67 delegates to the Democratic convention will be seated because of these caucuses. This is a full one-third of the total number of Texas delegates. For Hillary to lose, she has to lose the primary votes AND the caucus votes.

    I urge you to vote against Hillary Clinton by voting for Barack Obama. Please forward this e-mail to all your Texas Republican and Independent friends so that we can help ensure the Clinton’s defeat on March 4th!!!

    As you can see since last Spring Senator Obama’s campaign has been doing what they scream about Rush Limbaugh doing, but they gloss over the FACT that they started it! This has been happening in many states, Florida, Nevada, Texas, California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that can be corroborated by evidence on the internet. This act in my eyes goes completely against the morals of the Democratic party and I believe warrants him being dismissed from the party. Urging people to break the law to vote against and stick it to a fellow democratic candidate by voting for you is as low as you can go!

  4. What a great Post. Thanks so much!

    I think this:

    “We have all become familiar with Senator Obama’s new brand of politics. First, you demand civility from your opponent, then you attack him, distort his record and send out surrogates to question his integrity. It is called hypocrisy, and it is the oldest kind of politics there is.”

    Should be posted on every entry condemning and ridiculing Clinton at HuffPo and the other hate mongering blogs.

    The link is to this post.

    like you can reason with them.

  5. Holy Moly, this person “grub street hack haqs posted she hopes Clinton will be assasinated!
    (not an American mind you or I would report her to FBI or Secret service… though I have no idea how to do that.




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