ATTENTION ALL DOGS!…My 3 Discuss the Issues, Decide to Endorse Hillary! (and pose for pics, too!)

This morning my 3 sons dogs collared me during breakfast for a family meeting. Expecting a group request for some of the egg yolk that I can’t eat, I was totally surprised when it turned out that their attention was focused on politics!

Slicker, being the most streetwise and brave, decided to talk first.

Slick on patio

You know, Mom, me and the two squirts have been having some serious discussions while we’ve been out sunning on the patio lately. We think you ought to know that we are committed to making Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party’s nominee!!

As I picked my jaw up from the floor, Slick continued:

I’m was an orphan when you picked me up off the street, so I know all about needing a home. I’m really glad Hillary helped move a law that has made adoptions easier (and that includes gay adoption, too!). Hillary says on her website that she advocates “for adoption and for abused and neglected children — as First Lady, Hillary pushed legislation that more than doubled adoptions out of foster care.” Wow! Mom, I know you did some investigating and you think I came from a place where there was a man who abused me and that is why I ran away. Well, that’s true, you finally figured it out! That’s why I’m so glad Hillary wants to get some attention toward helping abused or neglected kids! There are so many neglected kids and dogs where we live, we could use the help!

Not to mention that, in dog years, I would have been a little too old to be included in Obama’s “universal coverage” for all children! Lucky for me, you pay for my healthcare out-of-pocket, Mom! But for other older dogs, it sure would be nice to have universal coverage like in HIllary’s plan, so that even if they were ONE DAY older than being what Obama calls a kid, they could have good health care, too! When I was found, I had bad skin and a limp so I really needed health care then, remember? (I love you, Mom!)

Tico then chimed in.

I agree with Slick TOTALLY. Remember how you adopted me after I was left outside at the Animal Shelter? Luckily, you adopted me the same day I was dumped there. But after awhile, I had some troubles because I’m built sort of long and stocky with short legs. I had a problem going to the bathroom, so you made sure I had anal gland surgery! OUCH! If I had been covered under Hillary’s universal plan it would have been less painful for your bank account, too!

Toro, at this point, finally decided to voice his opinion.

Being the oldest dog here, I really understand some of the key issues that affect me! First of all, being the Number 1 dog, I was pretty upset when Slicker arrived–especially with my being a chihuahua with a lot of rat terrier in me….well, I get along with Tico OK because he’s a chi, too, but Slicker? He’s a min pin and, well, he made me nervous wreck! I know, Mom, that you try to treat me extra special but I think I could use more mental health care. If we had Hillary’s health care plan maybe I could get some psychological therapy because Hillary says that “The new array of choices offered in the Menu will provide benefits at least as good as the typical plan offered to Members of Congress, which includes mental health parity and usually dental coverage.

Get that last bit about dental coverage??? Me and you, Mom, are in the same boat…bad teeth! Well, mine are still actually OK but they get very dirty real fast, so that means I have to get them cleaned which is pretty expensive! You’ve had implants and crowns and just finished a root canal, so you’re even worse off than ME! I approve of Hillary’s plan, because I know you could sure use some dental insurance! Mom, go visit to find out more!


Well, with that it was time for their morning walk. They were in a rush because after coming back, they planned to make some phone calls for Hillary. According to Toro, it’s up to the dogs of America to get Hillary into the White House! Dogs, he claims, know all sorts of ways to get their people to do what dogs want them to do!

So, I guess this dog-mom is going to keep blogging until Toro tells me I can stop!