Check Out This Brave PA Talk Show Host, Steve Corbett…(Link to WILK-FM, Scranton, PA)

Hat tip to Riverdaughter over at The Confluence for breaking this news and “Nana” who first reported it…

Seems there’s one very brave talk show host in Scranton, PA who is firmly in Hillary Clinton’s camp and has had it with being called a “racist.” As reported by Nana on Thursday (5/15):

WooHoo……………….Wilk talk radio here in Scranton, PA is going wild this afternoon. Host Steve Corbett has had it with being called a racist for supporting Hillary Clinton and has stated he will not vote for Obama. The lines are going crazy with calls from people in NE PA who feel the same way. They will not vote for Obama and will vote for McCain if they have to to stop him. The momentum is starting against the Democratic Party. Keep it going all over the USA.

Here’s a link to Corbett’s page called “Corbett’s Corner” at the radio station so you can get an idea of some of this thoughts. His latest post is entitled “Does America Deserve A Chauvinist-In-Chief?

Steve Corbett is on the air Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 7:00 EST on WILK-FM which provides a LIVE STREAM via Corbett’s page (link above).

While I am totally against Obama as the nominee at this point, I will NOT vote for McCain. However, if I decide to actually vote, I would try to write in Hillary Clinton.

Here in NM in 2004, there was a huge discrepancy between the number of votes tallied for down-ticket races and a much lower total for the Presidential choice. “Undervotes” was all we heard for weeks, and who really knows how what was going on with the ballots and what was actually counted in the end. My concern would be that my ballot might be tossed if I skipped the Presidential vote, but I’m not confident of how a write-in would be treated. After all, this is NM and Bill Richardson is running the show…

3 Responses

  1. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Calling all cartoonists/illustrators:

    Here is an idea for a wordless single-panel cartoon:

    A U.S.-shaped mass is teetering on a precipice. Barack Obama stands atop the mass and, seemingly oblivious to the peril, is stepping forward with his hand-raised. By looking at the drawing, the viewer can see that his next step will tilt the mass (U.S.A.) over the precipice.

    On the solid ground over which the U.S.-mass is teetering is a woman (Hillary Rodham Clinton) pulling with all her might on a rope tied to the mass to keep it from going over the edge.

    Perhaps there is a cartoonist willing to draw this for HRC and put it into distribution.

  3. I am a permanently disabled vet I am 10 percent service connected and i live on 759 SS When i was 18 i volunteered to serve and protect my country i am now 40 a shell of a man one day away from homelessness and i am going on a hunger strike ( heck It will not be hard i have no food ) so it wont be a big deal lol – until pa is responding to the veterans of this state i am of sound mind intelligent VA over medicated and angry my name is Jeffrey Allen deemer and i live in ephrata, pa if you read my Facebook u would give me my own show lol

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