John Edwards, MAJOR Disappointment…NARAL/Obama Doesn’t Surprise Me, A Perfect Fit

John Edwards has been making squeaky noises in the last week about change and how Hillary has to be sure she doesn’t “damage” the party.

Well, he’s about to endorse Obama in a moment. Oh, yeah, all the props are there….SENIORS FOR OBAMA, etc., etc.

I don’t know what Elizabeth Edwards thinks, but I know what I think…Edwards is DEAD for me, and I supported him originally. I guess he was faking us out after all. All that business about the poor and the growing divide between rich and poor. A lot of people voting for Clinton fall in that category and, apparently, he’s put away his interest in them.

Reminds me of our Governor Richardson and Sen. Jeff Bingaman here in NM. Hillary wins the state, but they endorse Obama.

My disgust grows by leaps and bounds as every moment goes by….

PS–So NARAL endorsed Obama earlier. Well, that should tell you something. NARAL has already sold us out by endorsing “rape gurney,” “short ride” Joe Lieberman. And poor Kate Michelman, former head of NARAL when it really was for women. She endorsed Edwards…she must be as disgusted as I am.

Especially because Barack calls women reporters “Sweetie.” What a piece of sexist crap!!!

Oh, Edwards is talking about “kids going hungry.” He’s doing his poverty bit. Does Obama even care?? A lot of struggling voters don’t think so…

Politico’s Jim Vandehi Shills for Michelle “Camille” Obama

I caught Jim Vandehi, formerly of the Washington Post and now running, on O’Reilly last night (Tuesday, May 8). (I NEVER watch O’Reilly, but the tease I overheard as my mother watched dragged me into watching.)

Link to the video

O’Reilly opened with a new Gallup 55% of those who might vote Democrat would like to see Clinton as VP.

But, according to O’Reilly, Washington insiders like Robert Novak don’t think it can happen. Apparently, Novak says that Michele Obama so dislikes Hillary Clinton that she will not allow her to be VP if Obama does become the nominee (perish the thought).

Vandehi said he would be “shocked” if Michelle would want Clinton on the ticket.

Jim Vandehi disagreed with Novak on one point…Vandehi went further, saying that it wasn’t only Michelle, but Obama himself that also didn’t want her on the ticket.”The Clintons have been kicking her husband in the teeth for a year” and… they don’t want the “Clinton baggage.” (Of course, there would be NO OBAMA BAGGAGE if he were HER VP!)

O’Reilly brought up the notion that Novak believes this is way beyond the normal politcial bruises, that this is REAL personal. He wondered why–“things are said, it’s a politcal campaign.” He asked why all this was so “elevated”.

Vandehi replied, “To be blunt, who CARES what the Democrats think…he’s (Obama’s) thinking about how to attract independents and Republicans…he’s not going to look at polls to see if the bulk of Democrats want her on the ticket…The truth is that she’s radioactive with a big part of the electorate and the the last thing he wants is a want the distraction particularly when he’s says I’m going to be a different type of candidate.” (Obama, of course, isn’t radiocative with anybody, right Jim?)

He said after a campaign that has gone on so long it’s impossible not to have “real, personal vitriolic feelings toward your opponent especially when they’ve been smashing you around for a year–and there’s no doubt that they think the Clintons are underhanded, that they’ve been ruthless at times, talking about race, talking about his relationships in Chicago… .”

“There’s no doubt that Michele Obama is A) is super influential and B) extremely skeptical of what Clinton would bring to the ticket.”

The video ends there, but the interview went on discussing how influential Michelle was in the campaign…that she, Obama, and Axelrod are the key decision makers.

What struck me about this whole segment was that it was all about how “wounded” the Obamas were by the nasty Clintons. Not one mention was made of the stuff that has spewed out of Michele’s mouth or Obama’s middle finger. They, of course, have not been kicking anybody’s teeth in…

Let’s see. Michelle has called Clinton a “bitch” and she’s expressed the desire to “tear Bill Clinton’s eyes out.”

Her hubby has shown body language coupled with a dismissive ‘You’re likeable enough, Hillary” at a debate and has used a street gesture meaning “F*ck you” after she beat him handily in PA.

But it’s so MUCH MORE NASTY to bring up the political liabilities of an opponent, like Rev. Wright. You would have thought that the Clintons INVENTED Rev. Wright or the Rezko slum buildings.

And when Michele stood before a crowd of black women right at the start of the campaign and delivered the opening salvo on race by saying it’s black people’s “time” that was perfectly acceptable. Especially when that was followed by a memo waved around in front of Tim Russert which lay out the “proof” of the Clintons’ racism and was used to further the entire racial slant of Obama’s campaign. And the whining over a reference to Jesse Jackson by Bill Clinton, which seen in full and in context proved to be totally innocent, was a manipulation that purposely added fuel to the fire.

Not to mention the very early trotting out of a copy of the GOP “Harry and Louise” healthcare ad…that was all sweetness and light.

Yup, poor Michelle and her hubby have been torn to pieces by the Clintons. And the media has protected them and has turned them into saintly victims who cannot be questioned.

Well, after getting creamed in West Virginia and bleeding in key demographic groups, I bet Michelle is even more angry. But if she thinks it’s because of the Clintons, she’s dead wrong. The loss is because of her and her husband’s own statements and arrogant attitudes.

How can these two think they are ready to run the country when they can’t even admit to their own actions and take responsiblity for them? Are they so out of touch that they are now living in their own world of delusions?


PS–I know all about Novak, but it was O’Reilly who called him “savvy.” And, as creepy as he is, he may still be a “savvy” insider.   No one has kicked him out of DC…