Williamette, Oregon Weekly’s HILARIOUS/Scary Portrayal of Obama (UPDATED 3x and Now Just Plain SCARY)

UPDATE III (2/28/2009)

Unfortunately, the larger picture that I had created has disappeared. So, I’ve put the smaller picture in it’s place, just above the picture of Jesus.


Although not as large as the picture I had spread across my screen (which I foolishly didn’t save), this picture does show the cross on both of Obama’s hands and others on his chest….I’m suspecting they are actually showing the wounds on Christ’s body? Can this actually be so? There in an additional chest wound on the Obama image…but extra/out of place, the wound(s) are there and on the hands. And, there is also one indicated on the head, where the crown of thorns would be sitting. (See image of Christ’s Wounds below the Obama image.)

The Wounds of Christ


Williamette, Oregon Weekly’s HILARIOUS/Scary Portrayal of Obama

If you enlarge the picture you will see that Obama is carrying on object with what appears to be a “B” on it in his right hand (to the viewers left)…and on the same hand, there is a shining cross ! I kid you not!!! (I somehow had resized it to a full page via WordPress and it’s clear as bell…not so clear if you use another editing program, sad to say.)

Talk about a Messianic message…..EEK!

*******Original Post*******

This has got to be the most over the top portrayal of Obama that I have ever seen. You will either laugh like crazy…or be alarmed at how seriously cultish Obama acolytes have become!!! This makes me want to run FASTER and FURTHER away from this crowd!

Willamette Week offered this up to its readers as part of its endorsement of Obama.

Notice that the editorial, in closing, goes to the “character thing” instead of the issues.

But this isn’t really about specific issues. It’s about character, the ability to motivate, the skill to restore our position overseas and the wisdom to speak to us as adults about the challenges we face as, well, adults. Obama has demonstrated all of these talents during the campaign, and we’re throwing our lot in with him. We hope this state’s Democrats do so as well.

Sad, if the picture that accompanies this drivel weren’t so… funny… scary…both?


Hat tip to rodham44 who posted the link to this over at the Taylor Marsh site.

4 Responses

  1. This is bat!@#$ insane. After that, I’m sure the Obama Fan Base will ramp up the outrage at the suggestion that his campaign is cultish. I’m surprised the trolls have not swarmed your place already!

    (Great blog, BTW… I’m here via Corrente)

  2. Looks like something from Miami CSPI, doesn’t it?
    Someone referred to it as cultish and I took there meaning to refer to the pictures of Krsna that Hare Krsna devotees, a,k.a Gaudiya Vaishnavas, use in their worship.

    In West Virginia the Vaishnavas built a temple called Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold. I visited a website about it today. http://tinyurl.com/37m2oa

    Don’t you think this picture, though, looks like Adam Rodriguez, whom I understand is an Obama supporter. How ironic, eh? He being a star in Miami, CSPI and Obama standing in the way of seating the delegates from Florida because Florida voted for Hillary.

  3. How funny! I thought that card in St Barry’s right hand was a McDondald’s credit card….showing how “in the pocket” of corporate America he is.

  4. I thought Barry was carrying Elvis’ ,”TCB”, belt buckle in his right hand.


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