WHOA! Obama Knows Nada About the U.S. States, Either! (and I’m not talking about the Great Lakes….)

After writing about all the foreign policy issues Obama is probably not prepared to face, this pops up!

Apparently, Obama thinks there are 59 states in the union!

Here’s the video:

OK, so maybe he’s tired….but he’ll be more tired if he makes it to the White House.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton looks fresh as a daisy….

Does this guy really have what it takes to survive a general election campaign and take the pressures of the Presidency? Just asking….

Today’s Foreign News that Obama Probably Doesn’t Know a Thing About…

Who can forget that interview way back in 2000 when George W. Bush was asked who was heading Pakistan? Bush dismissively answered that it was some general and that it didn’t matter if he couldn’t recall the name, because he would be surrounded by advisers who knew all this stuff.

Were you impressed then? I sure wasn’t and I’m not impressed with Obama’s “expertise” on foreign policy either. His policies and some speeches may in large part come chapter and verse straight from the party platform and he can buddy all he wants with Jimmy Carter…but that sort of “foreign policy by association” doesn’t cut it with me, especially after seeing Bush and Cheney in action. Spending a few years in Indonesia as a kid, having a dubious relationship with Odinga in Africa, and never having the curiosity to explore Europe doesn’t count either.

So, when I ask if Obama knows the name of the current Japanese prime minister it’s because I want to see his ATTITUDE when he answers. Is he going to act like Bush?

I wake up to the BBC World Service news every morning via shortwave radio and in about 5 minutes I learn more than I could ever learn from the American media. Today was a BIG NEWS DAY on at least 3 fronts–Russia, Lebanon, and, yes, Japan. Having followed a lot of the related news while churning out the World Media Watch for Buzzflash for quite a few years, the stories I heard really woke me up, fast! Because the spectre of Obama (or McCain) reacting to some of the situations reported gave me a kick in the gut.

Right off the bat, there’s Russia’s little parade that was held today. For the first time since the demise of the Soviet Union, military hardware has been featured in Moscow’s Victory Day parade.

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