Is FOX Drifting into MSM Spin and Beginning to Bash Clinton???

Yesterday I commented on Kondracke and Barnes’ discussion on FOX about the primary situation for Hillary which sounded an awful lot like the Mainstream Media spin….

This afternoon I happened to go into the kitchen where my mother was listening to Hannity on the radio. He was talking about the “nuclear option” involving Clinton’s team pushing to count the MI and FL primary votes.

My mother thought Hannity was “quoting” someone…but I’m pretty sure that by the time I heard what Hannity was saying, he was not longer quoting. I got the distinct impression that he was trying to paint Clinton as trying to “steal” the nomination. He was talking about breaking the famous RULES…

Now, sometimes Hannity does one thing on the radio and another on TV. Contradictory approaches (like today’s radio bit versus a segment on the TV show about William Ayers stomping on an American flag) at the very least causes a lot of confusion. But after a lot of negative stuff on Obama, injecting a bit of misleading negative coverage about Clinton just before tomorrow’s primaries makes me suspicious.

We know that we can’t trust anyone connected with FOX and I’m speculating that now, just before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, it’s time for this crew to support their guy Obama again. Clinton has been doing well (although the Gallup tracking poll shows a bit of bump for Obama lately). Would it surprise you if they wanted to help any trend to Obama to continue in these two states, who must have plenty of listeners who are Democrats? Nothing like bringing up “stealing” a nomination again…even though the facts about Obama’s own actions re: FL and MI suggest HE is the one the party is HELPING by ignoring those votes so far. Hannity didn’t mention THAT part of the story…

FOX folks must be salivating over the prospect of Obama being the nominee. They’re also revving up their derision toward the Democratic Party (much of it deserved) and waiting to pounce.

Frankly, I don’t think they can wait for Obama to get the nomination. Slinging a bit of mud at Clinton on the radio at this moment may be part of the FOX plan. Let’s face it, how can they possibly let all that Rev. Wright video go to waste??